How To Order from FABA

Two Simple Ways to Order FABA

Build your own Bundle

Pick six meals from our expanding range of plant powered meals, and if you're interested, throw in some sides or a little something extra. Once you're done, simply head to the checkout and organise your delivery.

Prebuilt Bundles

Select from a collection of pre-made bundles designed to give you a hit of your favourite flavours or meet your dietary goals. If you're not sure where to start, then take our plant-powered bundle as an introduction to our fan favourites.

Is FABA for me?

Our meals are damn tasty, and designed with nutrition in mind. Our customers choose FABA because they want to eat clean, green food, without compromising on their enjoyment of taste or their health goals.

If you have any questions, you can reach. out to us via the WhatsApp on our website, or via our email

How Delivery Works at FABA

Simple Delivery that Fits your Schedule

The FABA Delivery Window

- FABA delivers Monday to Friday
- Our delivery box is insulated so you do not need to be at home to receive your delivery as it lasts in our delivery box for 8 hours at chilled temperatures.
- Delivery Dates can be selected up to one month in advance

Traveling for work but want food when you're back? Simply choose the date you return and we will be waiting for you!

Choose Your Delivery Date

You can select your delivery date on the cart page after you've selected your prebuilt or self built bundles.

What Happens On Delivery Day?

We have great partners who manage delivery for us. Our drivers deliver throughout the day and will leave your bundle on your doorstep if no one is home. If you have a specific delivery requirement or time to be home, let us know in the notes section of the cart page, or reach out to us on WhatsApp or our email if you need to make a change.

How to Eat FABA

The Easiest Meal Decision You've Made

FABA Storage Instructions


Our meals are designed to be stored in the freezer (-18°C to be specific). This keeps them at the appropriate temperature until you're ready to tuck into one of our meals.


Freezer Full? We get it. Some of our freezers are a little bloated after years of hoarding peas and gel packs. Our meals can be stored in the fridge for up to five days. Note that if you're reheating from the microwave the cook time will be approximately two minutes. Reach out if you have a question.

FABA Cooking Instructions

Microwave and Oven Friendly

Our trays are oven and microwave friendly. Simply choose your desired reheat method to your personal taste. Reheat times are on the sleeves our meals are delivered in.

Customer Reviews

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