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100% Plant Based, Vegan Meals
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About Us

FABA wants to create a world where plant based food is an exciting, sought after meal choice, every day.

We believe that the desire to eat a plant based diet is not matched with enough convenient solutions. So while there's a growing amount of people who want to eat plant based, many of us fall through the cracks, not knowing where to begin.

That's why we have worked with chefs to design plant based meals, that are tasty, healthy, affordable, convenient, and green. 

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Aspirational Plant Based Food that Ticks Every Box

Brand Vision

Our meals are designed to meet every requirement an aspirational eater might have, which is taste, nutrition, affordability, convenience, and increasingly, plant based. 

There is no better option than cooking from home. We love it, and we hope you do too, but in our busy lives we often don't have the time to prepare every meal of the week.

That's why we have taken food from all over the world, that we know you'll love, and designed it to Plant Based perfection! A Faba meal meets every requirement, and we are happy to support you on your plant based journey, one meal at a time.

Why our Food is Frozen?

great for the environment

Over 33% of all food is thrown away because it spoils before we eat it. 

Our team are food industry experts from across three continents, and we are using the power of ice to redefine frozen food, from a bland, flavourless freezer aisle meal, to a flavour bomb, that's ready to eat when you are.

Blast freezing food with the highest quality technology allows us to provide a broad range of meals that customers love, as well as reducing food wastage across the supply chain.

That's why eating Faba is good for you, and great for the environment.

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