Nutrition from Quality Ingredients

After working with chefs to ensure our recipes are exciting and desirable, we then plan the nutritional structure of our meals with industry professionals to increase protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, while reducing unnecessary carbs, sugars, or processed ingredients.

OUR Dishes are Designed with Nutrition in Mind.

Our goal is to create nutritionally complete, tasty meals that fit into an active lifestyle, and are good for the environment.

Our meals are centred around an all-in-one nutrition profile to provide active people with sustainable food options that's aren't sacrificing on quality nutrition. Our meals are carefully crafted by our chef in consultation with our nutritionist, to deliver you hearty meals that are good for your mind and soul.

Using the Best Ingredients

We work with the highest quality fresh produce and whole food plant based ingredients to craft our meals. 

Being in Singapore, it can be hard to source high quality ingredients as so little produce is grown locally. We try our best to find the ingredients that compliment our food, without using wasteful items that require a huge carbon footprint to bring to Singapore. 

Nutritional Table

All meal nutritional information can be found on the build your own box page by selecting the individual dish and clicking on the nutritional table drop down

Check out the Nutritional Items on our build your own box page

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