The Best Plant-Based, Vegan Burgers in Singapore

My Mum always says that it's easy to make a good chocolate cake - flour, cocoa, sugar - how hard can it be? But, it's not everyday you have a great chocolate cake. The same can be said for the humble cheeseburger. Meat, sauce, cheese, bread. How hard is it to be good? Not hard at all. But being exceptional? Well, that's a whole other challenge entirely. 

Singapore has exploded as a global hub for the plant-based movement. You can find a good plant-based burger all over town. So, if you’re new to Singapore or an SG local and newly interested in exploring the world of plant-based burgers, you won't struggle to find somewhere.

But if you're like me, you never want to waste a meal. So here is our list of the Must-go burger places in the Lion City. 

veganburg singapore plant based burger veganFrom the VeganBurg Instagram

Vegan Only Burger Joints in Singapore

  1. VeganBurg

Everything a modern vegan diner should be – well enjoyed, heavily patronised, and desired by everyone. As much as VeganBurg provides an enclave for vegan eaters, it also serves as a go to for omnivores and flexitarians looking to reduce their meat consumption. 

In their own words

Totally redefining food pop culture and comfort food with its 100% plant based menu, VeganBurg is a 100% plant-based burger joint with a full sensory experience.

What to order at VeganBurg 

The Creamy Mushrooms is the best seller and to be honest, my go to also. I go for this with a serving of the garlic fries and depending on the day, a choice of their in house, homemade drinks.

Nomvnom plant based vegan burger singapore

NomVnom - packed as usual
  1. NomVnom

Not just a burger joint, NomVnom provides an array of vegan fast-food options that brings out the many ways to enjoy greener, plant-based eating in a traditionally unhealthy category. When you make fast food options like burgers and pizzas without traditional meats and dairy, you eliminate saturated fats and increase the general nutrition of the meal.

FABA’s Mac and Greens is a great example. Mac and Cheese is usually a heavy dish due to the saturated fats of the dairy and cream, but swap that our for cashew creams and all of a sudden the dish is surprisingly low in calories.

In their own words

Established in February 2015, nomVnom strives to provide mouth-watering modern vegan fast food like burgers, pizzas, pastas, udon and rice dishes that are innovative and appealing to both vegans and non-vegans alike.

What to order 

On my first visit I had the Lion's Mane Truffle from their Clarke Quay store. It's great to see a straight up vegan burger out perform the plant based meat equivalents, and the addition of truffle oil is amazing for the great mouth feel. 

  1. Love Handle 

Sitting in the super trendy Duxton Hill, Love Handle is converting meat eaters to vegan food by the day. Setting up as a plant-based butcher, Love Handle showcases the best the plant-based meat world has to offer.

The burgers at Love Handle feature all the big names in Plant-Based. Impossible, Tindle, as well as the local up-start Green Rebel.

In their own words 

As Asia’s first digital-led plant-based butchery, Love Handle is ready to rumble the Singapore food scene. 

With the country’s largest curation of plant-based meats and dairy, you can choose between raw or marinated cuts and even pair them with some of our delicious condiments. 

What to order

Honestly? It's a shorter menu - try them all, and stay for the good vibes in at the store!

Vegan Friendly Burger Joints in Singapore

25 Degress Singapore plant based vegan burgers

Super easy eats on Bencoolen St

  1. 25 Degrees

Located centrally on Bencoolen St (just up from the Bencoolen MRT station) is 25 Degrees, a flame grilled burger concept that serves both omnivorous and vegan burgers.

In their own words

Bringing its signature West Coast flavours, 25 Degrees is a burger, wine and liquor bar offering mouth-watering gourmet burgers in Singapore. Originating at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, 25 Degrees has been endorsed by A-list celebrities as their go-to for comfort all-American fare that includes creamy milkshakes, juicy burgers and hot dogs, desserts, and an all-day breakfast menu.

What to order

The Impossible beef burgers here are super good for a non-vegan establishment. Damn tasty with great chips to boot.

three buns singapore plant based vegan burger
Easy to hang outside Three Buns in Rob Quay

2. Three Buns 

Running across Singapore and Jakarta, the Three Buns family serve some serious good times. If the burgers aren't enough to convince you to go, then do it for the vegan shakes. So good!

In their own words

Three Buns is a culturally led, creative space with a restaurant at the core offering gourmet burgers and crafted cocktails, redefining the burger joint. Three Buns also acts as a hub for supporting and building our local creative community, whilst also working closely with like-minded international talent from the fields of Art, Music and Fashion. With two sites currently operating in Jakarta and Singapore and established plans for Bali, Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong. 

What to Order 

Three Buns made waves with their Tindle fried Chicken burger. While the burgers at Three Buns definitely are an omnivores take on vegan eating, you can't deny that the burgers aren't damn tasty. 

Loaded Gun Kitchen Singapore plant based vegan burgers
From the Loaded Gun Insta!

3. Loaded Gun

We came across Loaded Gun through their amazing dips. They are an online store in SG serving super great vegan and vegetarian friendly products, with newly released patties for you to cook at home.

In their own words

Loaded Gun was born from a personal desire to create flavour bombs that excite the taste buds and help people - meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans -  get more plants into their diets.

What to order

If you're looking to cook at home, then order a few of their faux-meat patties, and top up with a few of their dips to go.  

Looking to try super tasty vegan food today?

Why not give FABA a go? We make home delivered, 100% vegan meals that are super tasty, nutritionally balanced, and supremely convenient. 

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