Singapore's Dairy-Free, Vegan Ice Cream scene is so good that even dairy eaters prefer it. Find out why…


Vegan Ice Cream options have flourished in Singapore from the combination of three distinct, yet connected factors. Here we shine a light on the best of vegan ice cream in Singapore, discuss why we love them, and hope that you will give them a go too. 

  1. Differing research journals point to varied levels of lactose intolerance in the Singaporean population, and even if you take the lower estimates, a large portion of eaters do not digest dairy well. Therefore, plant based ice cream provides a great solution to eaters who are trying to satisfy the desire for sweet, refreshing ice cream, without the queasiness of consuming dairy.
  2. The food we eat has a direct impact on the health of the environment, and Singaporeans are increasingly aware of this. There has been a boom in plant-based alternatives in Singapore, and vegan and plant based Ice creams tap into this perfectly, as they take a product people love (ice cream), provide consumers with a product that has a lower carbon footprint, and a lower impact on the environment.
  3. Oh, and there’s a third reason why Ice Cream of all kinds is such a hit in Singapore. It’s really hot! Because we are on the equator, ice cream is a year round delight!

Now we know why the vegan ice-cream space is so good, let me tell you which ones to go to.

Home - Kind Kones

Courtesy of Kind Kones, a Singapore Ice Cream Institution

Kind Kones is the home of Dairy-Free, Vegan Ice Cream in Singapore

Hailing from across the border in Malaysia, Kind Kones is a joyful, flavourful delight. Their range of ice creams are broad, and because they are a 100% vegan company, not only are the flavours incredible, their offering extends beyond just ice cream, with cookies, brownies, and a range of coffees and hot chocolates to boot.

I first discovered Kind Kones in 2020 when I was in Singapore for my first visit before moving here. I had wanted to find a dairy free ice cream store because a range of people around me either couldn’t digest dairy, or were committed vegans. From my first visit over two years ago to my last visit in May 2022, it’s safe to say Kind Kones is an absolute winner. 

Looking at their menu, there really is a flavour for everyone. Almond Brittle Fudge and Blackforest satisfies the more classic cookie and cake based ice creams, where Durian and Pandan Gula Mekala has a more local flavour twist.

I’m pretty basic, my favourite is the cookies and cream - can’t go wrong. 

Kind Kones have three locations now in SG, find them below:

Kind Kones Forum
583 Orchard Rd, #B1-27, Singapore 238884

Kind Kones Paragon
B1-15 The Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd, 238859

Kind Kones i12 Katong
112 E Coast Rd, #02-25, Singapore 428802

Hvala: Traditionally Brewed Matcha, Soft Serve & Other Japanese Desserts  Hidden In CHIJMES

Hvala's store at Chijmes

Hvala makes vegan, non-dairy ice cream flavours that keeps customers desperate for more

Spread across three locations, Hvala is a matcha wonderland. Though not a fully vegan establishment, Hvala has some bomb vegan food, and as the world begins to grow in its understanding of greener eating, places that offer great vegan options alongside traditional ones are going to be super important to introducing vegan food to a broader audience. Hvala is amazing.

I came across Hvala the first time on a visit to Chijmes. The store is pretty huge for what is essentially a tea house turned dessert bar. My first fascination was with their ice blended genmaicha latte (with oat milk, of course), but the more I went, the more indoctrinated I became, and before I knew it I was asking people to join me just so I could sample as much as possible. Nowadays when I go to Hvala, I struggle to order less than a drink, a waffle and at least one scoop of ice cream. 

The base for some of the best of their ice cream is their free-from waffles that are made from rice flour, and hence gluten free. You then pair the waffle with one of their broad selections of ice creams, like their refreshing matcha or punchy sesame flavours. 

My favourite ice cream flavour was a limited time matcha cookies and cream. Bring it back, please!

Hvala Chijmes
30 Victoria St, #01-04/05, Singapore 187996

Hvala 111 Somerset
111 Somerset Rd, #01-10, Singapore 238164

Hvala Craig Road
40 Craig Rd, Singapore 089678

A Quick Guide to the Best Supermarket Vegan, Dairy-Free Ice Creams in Singapore

Before you feel a need to run to the supermarket to find the other dairy-free ice creams on the market, I highly recommend getting one of the take home tubs from either Kind Kones or Hvala because they’re amazing!

But, sometimes, a sweet craving comes calling and the supermarket is the only way to satisfy it. When I first came to Singapore there were vegan ice creams all throughout 7/11, but sadly, that’s not the case. That said, there’s still opportunities to enjoy!

The two biggest supermarkets in Singapore, FairPrice and Cold Storage, have a great range of vegan products, and if you go to somewhere a bit more boutique like Little Farms, the range of free-from products only increases. 

Magnum Dairy-Free Ice creams

These bad boys are your classic magnums in vegan form - they are on a stick, coated in chocolate, and very easy to consume in a matter of minutes. Available in a box of three they have the classic vanilla flavour, alongside an almond and a salted caramel.

As I mentioned, these used to be available across 7/11 and not just in the big supermarkets, but I’ve not spied them for a while. I can’t complain though, as it’s not the worst problem to have a to buy box to keep in the freezer, ready for me whenever I want.

Ben and Jerry’s

Ordering Kind Kones and Hvala is a dollar spent helping local brands grow, and though we can’t quite say the same thing about Ben and Jerry’s, you can’t deny how much better anyone’s freezer is when there’s some ice cream in there. 

While the vast majority of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is not vegan, their dairy free options are everything you’d expect: creamy, tasty, and jammed full of extra chunks of cookie dough and chocolate.

These are a classic 2-for-1 item in the supermarket, so if you’re looking to fill some extra space in your freezer, then keep your eye out for a deal.

Keep up the Good Work Singapore!

In Singapore, environmental consciousness is growing, and the days of vegan food being only for vegans is slowly starting to fade away. More and more people are choosing to eat sustainably where they can, and the importance of dairy-free products can’t be understated. For many people, dairy-free (because of lactose intolerance) is the first touch point they have with reducing their consumption of animal products.

As someone who grew up unable to eat dairy, finding vegan ice cream that I loved was a huge moment for me, as it was the time I could first understand that vegan products could be as good, if not better, than there meat and dairy equivalents.


Looking to try a new way of eating amazing vegan food? Look no further!

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