4 Top Meal Plans in Singapore 2022


Meal Plans solve problems for busy people. They provide planned nutrition in convenient sizes, that are easy to eat, and when done correctly, are very tasty. 

There’s no need to glorify it. Any of us can cook great tasting, healthy food, but if you’re busy, having someone else do it for you is a great way to save time.

Why order a Meal Plan in Singapore?

Meal Plans are incredibly popular with white-collar workers who are too busy to think about what to eat, and how to eat healthily. Sure, with Grab and FoodPanda, it’s never been easier to order food to your door, but we all need to eat several times a day, and if you don’t want to think critically about every meal and then wait anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes for the delivery, then scheduled meal plans are perfect, because not only does it cover your meals, but it also gives you a good grasp on your nutrition. Because they’re planned and portioned, they can easily help you meet your health goals.

Instead of listing all of the meal plans 1-99, I thought I’d give you my opinion on which meal plans suit you depending on who you are, as they are all different.

FABA Tuscan Meatball Bowl

My Choice: FABA Food Meal Plan Singapore

There’s two main reasons I eat FABA.

  1. I am trying to eat a more earth-friendly, sustainable diet
  2. They are the most flexible when it comes to food delivery and minimising waste

The challenge I’ve had in my personal life when I’ve reduced eating meat, is that I struggle to hit my nutritional goals because I simply don’t know how to eat vegetarian and vegan food healthily. FABA makes it a joy. They use smart ingredients, and don’t over use plant-based meats. Their Japanese Protein Bowl has 30 grams of protein in the serving and there’s no alternate protein in it.

The other huge benefit is they deliver their food flash frozen. This way, I get all of my food delivered on one day of the week (and not every morning between 6am to 10am), and I keep them in the freezer until I’m ready to have them. In Singapore, it feels like COVID is pretty much behind us, and I have lunch and dinner engagements all the time. The best part about FABA is that the meals suit my schedule and I’ve never had one left in the fridge making me feel guilty for needing to throw it out. 

Oh, and did I mention the packaging is 🔥🔥



The Mainstream Choice: Nutrition Kitchen Meal Plan Singapore

Nutrition Kitchen is the bigger player in the market for meal plans, and that has both its positives and negatives.

What’s great is that they have quite a fresh menu. They rotate weekly to keep flavours fresh and this allows you to stay on board with new ideas. Their meal plan is quite easily seen around town with customers bringing their little Nutrition Kitchen bags in with them to the office.  They have plans that can stretch out for months, which is convenient if you want to eat them all the time.

The negatives are that the minimum order is 10 meals (lunch and dinner every day of the week) and they deliver daily. So you’ll have an early knock on the door every day of the week, and if you have a couple of work lunches or dinner catchups, you’re going to have meals in the fridge you should be eating sooner rather than later.


The No Frills Choice: Yummy Bros Meal Plan Singapore

A local outfit that goes for the jugular when it comes to gym-centric nutrition. The food at Yummy Bros speaks directly to a community of high protein, low carb eaters. They’re dishes appear in very set formats of meat, veg and carb. As they play a lot more into the local flavour pallet, which is great as they lean closer to being a local set up.

They are affiliated with the gym scene in Singapore and have their roots in personal fitness. Though not as wired into restrictive diets and allergies, the team at Yummy Bros offer a very crisp, well run option if you’re looking to keep it super simple! If Nutrition Kitchen or FABA are a nudge too expensive for you, then Yummy Bros might be the one for you.


The Bougie Choice: Green Kitchen Meal Plan Singapore

Green Kitchen Meal Plan in Singapore provides a curated food experience. If you’re trying to hit any measure of food goal, they’ve got you, and that includes restrictions. Can’t eat things, or trying to avoid, then just let the team know.

They are run by a group of stellar chefs, and it shows in their food quality. No doubt, this pushes the meal price above what you’d pay at Nutrition Kitchen but the quality to value ratio speaks in their favour. I would go so far to say, if you’re hell bent on Nutrition Kitchen, and you can afford to chip in more money per meal, then definitely go for Green Kitchen.


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