Top 8 Vegetarian Food Delivery Options in Singapore

Whether ordering from Grab and Foodpanda, or finding something a little more personalised like FABA, we have you covered. We have eaten our way across Singapore to provide you with our top list of vegetarian food options in Singapore for the end of 2022 and going into 2023. Whether you're new to Singapore or you're an OG veg eater, there's something in this list for you.

I am surprised to say that a lot of the restaurants I looked at when researching this article at 7pm on a Thursday night had already had to close for delivery because of a rider shortage. That's why we've got FABA at the top of this list just below.

FABA Food Delivery

Food of the World

For vegetarian food delivered to your door, there's nothing more delicious, nutritious, and convenient than FABA.

FABA creates plant-based meals perfect for eating at home or in the office. Their entire menu is built with taste and nutrition in mind, so its not just super enjoyable to eat FABA, but it's healthy as well.

FABA Food Delivery | Price Per Meal

One of the great things about FABA is they have no delivery cost. One meal goes for $14.60, or $13.20 if you subscribe and save 10%. They also have a 15% first time order discount!


Specialist Vegetarian and Vegan Food Delivery in Singapore

The best kind of restaurant is one where you don't have to squint at the menu and wonder if the leaf emoji means its vegan, vegetarian, or healthy. Our first five restaurants purely serve vegetarian and vegan fare.

Go on, enjoy yourself!

1. The Kind Bowl Vegetarian Food Delivery


On Killiney road, a stones throw away from Orchard is the Kind Bowl. A fully vegan Vietnamese restaurant. Most people will tell you to have the Pho - and yes, it's good - but the real diamond in their collection is their Banh Mi.

The Kind Bowl Food Delivery | Price Per Meal

The Pho goes for $14.80 and the Banh Mi comes in at $13.80. This however doesn't include delivery fees, which at the time of writing was as high as $7.

2. Pita Bakery Vegetarian Food Delivery


Based on Bali Lane around the corner from tourist hot spot Haji Lane, Pita Bakery is great for a quick eat if you're in the area, but also great for home delivery.

Pita Bakery | Price Per Meal

The go-to for an individual eater is the Pita Sandwich that goes for $14.30. At the time of checking, the delivery fee was around $4.70 and deliveries for toady had closed. A slight pain no doubt.

3. VeganBurg Vegetarian Food Delivery


Out on Eunos in the East Coast, VeganBurg is (obviously) vegetarian friendly, and rocks some incredible burgers with both new age plant-based meats, as well as good old fashioned whole food ingredients.

VeganBurg | Price Per Meal

My usual go to Smoky BBQ Burg is $15.90 on the delivery platforms before delivery fees and chips.

4. Lotus Vegetarian Food Delivery


Located in Novena square in the middle of Singapore is Lotus Vegetarian. Serving up Chinese classics in traditional buddhist cuisine styles (allium free), it's hard to say no.

Lotus Vegetarian | Price Per Meal

A value driven option with dish prices often below $10.00. You could feed a fair few people at those prices for not a lot of money. Delivery fees will vary, at my time of checking pick up was shut off for my region, but I would assume approximately $5 to my location.

5. Boneless Kitchen Vegetarian Food Delivery


Most of the options at this stellar social enterprise are designed for sharing. The pancakes, the soups and the Kimbap are all delicious.

Boneless Kitchen | Price Per Meal

If you're dining for one, then the bibimbap is my recommendation. It's $14.10 and at the time of posting featured a $5 delivery fee. 

'Normie' restaurants that have good vegetarian options

Whether eating with a friend or you're a little far away from the established vegan and vegetarian restaurants, than here's a list for you.

6. Prive Vegetarian Food Delivery


With 14 different restaurants under the Prive banner, you won't struggle to find them around town. Though they have a strong vegan selection on menu, the team at Prive also cater to vegetarian and omnivorous diets.

Prive | Price Per Meal

The Happy Belly Buddha Bowl goes for $21.30 on Grab and has a delivery fee at the time of ordering of $5.70

7. Saladstop Vegetarian Food Delivery

Salad Bar

Boasting 11 restaurants across Singapore under the Saladstop! banner, it's no wonder so many people pick up something from here to have a healthy meal. 95% of the menu options are vegetarian friendly and you won't find somewhere easier to eliminate those choices.

SaladStop | Price Per Meal

At the time of writing I am in a place where SaladStop! is just around the corner, but the only one available for delivery is 7 kilometres away and has a 60 minute delivery time. A basic salad goes for $12.90, but comes with a $7.00 delivery fee. 

8. Stuff'd Vegetarian Food Delivery

Mexican / Turkish styled

20 outlets across Singapore to keep that value driven price and tasty food ready and available wherever you are. 

Stuff'd | Price Per Meal

The Impossible Daily bowl is $13.30 which features a spread of different add ons like broccoli, hummus and corn. Delivery free goes at $4.40 for now.