Singapore Vegan Festival 2022 Review

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August 27, 2022 was the first Singapore Vegan Festival for FABA, and the fourth iteration in total.

We loved the experience! As a food delivery business that lives online, we rarely get the chance to interact with the community. Having the opportunity to share with people our food for the first time in a live setting was super exciting. We rented out a food stall booth and ran chose our concept for the day!

In their own words

The Singapore Vegan Festival returns for its fourth edition this 27 August 2022 with new, exciting activities for the whole family with one thing in common, a celebration of the booming plant-based scene in Singapore. The fourth edition focuses its themes on sustainable, healthy food options and food innovations for the future, with an impressive line-up of local and international chef masterclasses, informative panel discussions, networking sessions, interactive workshops as well as a plethora of vegan food, drink and shopping experiences – all in one location at the Raffles City Convention Centre. 

Our Concept: The FABA Pasta Bar 

For the pop-up we chose to showcase our Italian based dishes, running the first iteration of the FABA Pasta Bar. We were cooking up our Rigatoni Bolognese, Mac and Greens, and were sampling the main protein in our Tuscan Bowl, the plant-based meatballs! We served all of our meals as a tasting platter for an easy breezy $9.

How it started:

FABA Food Pasta Bar How it started

How it went:

FABA Pasta Bar

FABA Affogato Bar featuring Oatside and Kind Kones

We wanted something to take our pop-up to the next level. There’s so many exciting things going on in the world of Vegan food, so we called up our mates at Shake Coffee and organised an Espresso and Affogato Bar. We were pulling shots all day long with black coffee, white coffee powered by Oatside, and our affogatos being served over Kind Kones’ Madagascan Vanilla Ice cream. I have been a huge fan of Kind Kones since I came to Singapore, and being able to work with their product was super fun!

FABA Food Kind Kones Vegan Ice Cream Affogato Cup

We Sold Out of our Plant-Based Meals! (a little too early)

Our focus was to get as many mouths trying FABA as possible, so we were glad that we sold out, but also a little annoyed that we didn’t bring more food as we sold out fast. We were fortunate to be kept busy by the constant stream of coffee throughout the day as we were resupplied into the afternoon.

A Great Chance to Meet the Singapore Vegan Community! 

The best part of the event was meeting everyone. There were vegan cafes, restaurants, ice creams, cheeses, protein powders and vegan social media companies. A lot of the founders were at the event, often working their booth like us, and creating a good buzz.

For those readers who aren’t vegan, it’s hard to capture how amazing it is to walk into a restaurant or venue knowing that everything on offer is 100% vegan (which didn’t stop people checking in if our mac and cheese was dairy free!)

Our Top Exhibitors at the Singapore Vegan Festival 2022

Here's a shout out for who we thought had a great festival!

Ahimsa Cafe

In my down time I snuck away for one of their bagels. Super tasty, and the tofu scram was amazing!

Ahimsa was started with the purpose of spreading unconditional love & positivity. we believe that through the mediums of food and yoga, anyone from any walk of life can learn to connect with themselves and take care of their mind, body & soul. to help foster that deep connection for all who come through our doors, we start by making sure each person feels good on the inside. this is why we only use clean ingredients and adopt Ayurvedic practices in creating our recipes allowing everyone to be fueled mentally and physically.

Nut Culture

Hadas and her team are one of the early plant based dairy companies in Singapore with a focus on cheese. Their cheese wheels are great, definitely give them a try!

In a small creamery in the heart of Singapore, Nut Culture founder Hadas Vaknin and her team are hard at work ,24/7, tirelessly creating and perfecting magical artisan cheeses and butters out of organic and natural nuts and the healthiest of ingredients. Handcrafting the future, one cheese wheel at a time.

The Clean Addicts

We first met Andrea at a separate expo and saw how much people love her desserts. Definitely throw her an order her brownies are amazing!

Raw Chef Andrea Lee is the ultimate Addict to clean treats! It started with her Mum who suffered from clogged arteries and had to be sent to the hospital for surgery. Seeing her fragile state, this incident caused her to switch to a healthier lifestyle overnight. She believes how food can be our medicine, but it wasn't an easy feat. It was difficult to compromise her love for desserts! Andrea always had a hard time finding healthier alternatives that contain minimal ingredients, and no preservatives or unrefined sugars in Singapore. After countless of late night experimentations, she managed to produce wholesome and guilt-free versions of brownies and cakes that her family and friends can't resist! She uses real whole foods for her desserts, such as nuts, beans, rolled oats and even sweet potatoes that come with a myriad of health benefits.

Excited for Singapore Vegan Festival 2023

It was a long day of serving up food. We learnt a tonne, met a lot of great people, and are excited to do it all again next year!

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