Is a Meal Plan for you in Singapore?

All of us can cook, but do we have the time to?

If you're busy with school or work you might struggle to find time to eat the way you want. Even though you can order anything you want from Grab or FoodPanda, it's not the answer to your nutritional problems. Restaurants can often leave a lot to be desired when it comes to nutrition.

The answer? For many, it's meal plans.

Meal plans are great for busy people who want to hit a nutrition goal in their meals, while also keeping the food quality high.

Is one for you?

What’s a meal plan and why does my boss do it?

The key word here is plan. Planned nutrition, planned cost, and planned flavour (although you might not always find one that's delicious). In a meal plan your meals are designed not just to be tasty, but to hit a certain nutrition goal, which tends to be but is not exclusively low carb, high protein, or keto.

Where did Meal Plans come from

Meal plans as an industry has grown because a lot of us are bored of eating whatever we want whenever we want. Even though there is so many options in on-demand food like Grab or FoodPanda, most of us only order from the same restaurants on repeat, and the cost of ordering home delivery if you’re eating as an individual is high, especially as delivery costs are increasing.

What Meal Plans Exist in Singapore

Singapore isn’t short for meal plans. The combination of having a very health aspirational nation, as well as a not small incubation of high earning foreigners who are away from home means that people are often looking for ways to spend money to save their time. Some of the main players include:

  • Nutrition Kitchen: started in HK and expanded here to SG. They do either 10 or 15 meals a week delivered daily to your door (early) and focus on protein and carbs.
  • YoloFoods: slightly different in their approach, they are slightly less macro focused and provide something more akin to what you would buy if you went to a health foods store
  • Gym Affiliate brands: TSquared Lab, Yummy Bros, and FiT Fresh which all lean into the Gym Aesthetic

The Cons of a meal plan

Meal plans at their best are phenomenal, but their larger commitment can make them inflexible for the modern person now that many COVID restrictions are gone. 

  • Not Customer Friendly – You want the meal plan? You’ll be getting ten meals, so either you eat like a monk or you feel guilty about wasting food.
  • Inflexible – Rigid delivery days and plays to the meat and carb model.
  • High delivery frequency - Meal plans don't correct for the high level of food delivery that's required. 

Why FABA might be the answer for you?

We wanted to create a meal delivery that had all of the benefits of meal plans, along with the supreme convenience of ordering on-demand food delivery.

We are trying to make sustainable eating easy, tasty and nutritious.

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