A Look at Vegetarian Meal Plans in Singapore (Tip: Some are Vegan Friendly)

With an increased interest in health and the growing awareness of the impact our food consumption has on the world around us, there’s no surprise that there’s been a growth in vegan, vegetarian and plant-based food options.

Meal plans have also blown up in Singapore over the COVID years as people sought balanced, healthy meals to get them through the dreary and drab day-to-day cycle of lockdowns and work from home.

As we rush back out to the office, we are still looking for simple solutions to our healthy meal goals. Below is our list of 5 vegetarian friendly meal plans in Singapore (in no particular order).

Featured Reviewer: Rory Tufano (rootfitnessblog.com)

Rory is an Englishman living here in Singapore. Amongst a busy life he maintains his blog where he discusses health, fitness, and (most importantly) meal plan options in Singapore.

In his own words, his dietary preference is “pescatarian with frequent full-vegetarian days”, but he came to our attention for a review of FABA, a fully plant-based, 100% vegan food delivery.

FABA – Vegetarian Friendly (Vegan) Food Delivery

Coming in number one (no bias at all) is FABA. Tasty, healthy, and supremely convenient vegan food delivered straight to your door.

By proxy of being vegan, FABA is vegetarian friendly. FABA emphasises that though their food is vegan, their customers are not necessarily 100% plant-based eaters. FABA wants to make home delivery more sustainable to make exciting food that’s great for the planet

How to order from FABA 

  1. Head over to the FABA website
  2. Choose from prebuilt bundles, or build your own box of meals
  3. Delivery Occurs Monday to Friday

What’s the Average Cost of FABA’s meal plan

A box of FABA meals goes for $88 for six meals (roughly $14.60 per meal)

What Rory Says about FABA:

Sean and Alex have created a quality brand with vegan recipes that generally taste as good as they look. There's an uncommon amount of invention in their recipes – the "Fabacado Smash" and bolognese made from lentils, mushrooms and walnuts spring to mind – that are truly worth the price of admission. Add to that a clear commitment to sustainability in their ingredients, delivery method and packaging and I can see how many will be drawn to giving Faba a go at least once.


Nutrition Kitchen – Vegetarian meal plans have launched

Nutrition Kitchen were the first to make waves in the meal plan space with their two meals a day, five days a week omnivore offering – which was the whole meat and potatoes.

With the increased interest in greener eating, it was no surprise to see Nutrition Kitchen add a vegetarian meal plan to their options. 

How to order from Nutrition Kitchen 

  1. Head to their website
  2. Choose your plan (in this case the vegetarian plan)
  3. Select between regular or large portions
  4. Choose your combination of meals (lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch etc)
  5. Choose to subscribe or not
  6. Select your package length from 1 week plan up to 4 week plan.

What’s the average cost of Nutrition Kitchen

The pricing of nutrition kitchen changes per meal depending on your plan. Their 1 week plan for lunch and dinner for a bigger portion meal is $19.80 per meal, with a minimum order of 10 meals (total of $198.00 for your first order.)

What Rory says about Nutrition Kitchen:

Let's cut straight to the chase, my overall impression of Nutrition Kitchen's new veggie menu is not bad but it is certainly not good. A couple of the meals were tasty, most of the meals were passable and a couple were bad. I would not order from them again and would not recommend them to a friend – it's just not worth the money.

Yolo Food - A Green feed in different channels

Yolo Food have been pioneering the fresh meal space in Singapore over the last few years. From cafes to meal plans, to now being in store in Cold Storage, there’s a range of ways to try Yolo’s food.

How to order from Yolo Food: 

  1. Head to their website
  2. Select Vegetarian Plan from their website
  3. Choose between Small and Medium Plan
  4. Select a half day meal plan or full day meal plan
  5. Choose if you want to add any extras
  6. Select how many days you want your food for between 5 days, 10 days, or 30 days
  7. Head over to the checkout page

What’s the average cost of Yolo Foods

An order of their medium vegetarian plan for five days for full day meals with snacks and drink comes to $214.50. Coming to $21.45 for the meal and the supplementary snacks and drinks.

What Rory Says:

I think YoloFoods could make improvements to its meals and bring down its price per meal. Their website says they "get creative" with a bi-weekly update to their menus, but from what I've seen there's little variation in the meals they list each fortnight. I do think there are great things about their offering – the user experience, rewards and the addition of the snack and tea sachet – however, it isn't enough for me to rush back anytime soon.

Green Kitchen – Michelin starred chefs popping fantastic flavours 

Green Kitchen is set up and run by head chef Maximillian Mepham. They offer nutrition plans across a range of dietary preferences and provide great choice for a family of different eaters.

How to order from Green Kitchen:

  1. Head over to the GK website
  2. Select vegetarian meal plan from the home page
  3. Choose between a 3-day, 4-day, and weekly plan
  4. Select across lunch, dinner, or lunch and dinner options
  5. Choose your portion size
  6. Add any dietary allergies you may have
  7. Select between subscription deliveries or one time meal purchases
  8. Head over to the cart

What’s the average cost of Green Kitchen:

The one time purchase of 3 days of meals (lunch and dinner) at the standard calorie level (500-600 calories) comes to $138.00 ($23.00 a meal).

What Rory Says:

While the helpful and responsive customer service, deep meal customisation and the personalised menu that changes each week (unlike others I've tried) are all great, it's the meal quality that stood out to me. You really can taste the difference between each meal, they look more appealing and you can taste the individual flavours used to craft every lunch and dinner. I genuinely feel that Green Kitchen would work hard to help me achieve my personal goals and customise menus to an even greater degree if I reached out and asked them to do so. This level of interactivity is rare and something I hope they maintain as they scale their operations. Finally, I will say that Green Kitchen's prices are on the higher end, however, I feel that I got what I paid for and this will be reflected in my rating of the "Price" below.

Grain: Vegetarian options in a broader menu

Grain is an Online Restaurant offering catering, on demand meals, and meal plans to a broad range of customers. Starting a few years back in Singapore, they’ve got a well branded, well-oiled machine, with cool looking delivery vans too boot.

How to order from Grain:

  1. Head over to Grains website
  2. Select Meal Plan
  3. Choose your delivery date and a la carte dishes (they will prompt you to set up an account here)
  4. Confirm your order information
  5. It's on its way to you!

How much does it cost to order from Grain:

Grain's current meal plan does not have a flat fee like most providers and instead operates a variable fee per dish like a restaurant would. At time of posting, they have a vegetarian Impossible meat patty for $21.50, with more salad based meals for around the $14 mark. 

What Rory says about Grain:

My time with Grain reminds me of the recent Justice League movie (Joss Whedon's version, not Zack Snyder's improved version), where things started so hopeful and strong but ended with a whimper. It was great to mix things up with some pescatarian meals and I think I'll do this again as I appreciated the increased daily protein and how much fuller I was each day.

T-Squared Lab - Fitness First Meal Plans

T-Squared Lab provide meals as a compliment to their overarching fitness business operating their flagship facility in Singapore.

Their food is very focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals. 

How to order from T-Squared Lab:

  1. Head over to their website
  2. Select Eat
  3. Choose the plant-based meal plan and a portion size (based on calories)
  4. Select meal volume and order frequency
  5. You then choose 10 meals from the 15 they have available. You can double up if certain meals take your fancy
  6. Create an account before reaching checkout

How much does it cost to order from T-Squared Lab:

The smallest offering of 10 meals, delivered in one week is $182 (18.20 per meal). 

What Rory has to say

There's a lot to like about TSquared Lab: its holistic approach to fitness and wellness, its ease of use, its customer service and its generous portion sizes. I would order from them again although I wouldn't be in a rush to do so. If I had not ordered and reviewed several other meal plans, I would probably rate T2eat much higher than I have.

Where to next for Vegetarian Meal plans in Singapore

It's great to see the growth in interest in the vegan and vegetarian space and we think the trend will only grow as more people aspire to eat in fulfilling, flavoursome ways.

Thinking of trying any out? Let us know how your experience goes!

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